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  Craft Medium
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  Jeanne Aharonian

Dog Coats and Collars, Insulated Lunch Bags, Car Trash Bags, Hand Bags
Creative Works
(401) 539-0274
  Sandie Ansuini

Unique One of a Kind Necklaces & Bracelets
BeadCreations bySansuvin
(401) 334-3478

  Barbara Anatone

Barbara Ann Studios
Custom Bears, Holiday Decor, Acrylic paintings on wood

  Nitza Attali    Steven Katzof

Exit by Nitza
Wearable Art, Large metal pieces, belt buckles

hm 401 453 6347
cell 401 527 3643
  Paul T. Baanon

Black Lab Wood Products, Inc.
  Christine Beaulieu

Craft Wheel & Hand Built Pottery
CB Pottery Works
(401) 647-3449


  Desoree Brennan

Mystic Moon Studio


  Kristen Bellotti

Woven Beaded  Ribbon Scarves, Tote Bags, Herbal Products
K Bellotti Designs
(401) 286-0999
  Nancy Buffery

Handmaid Rosary Beads and Rosaries and Jewelry
The Glass Seed


  Ginny Buote

Decorative Gift Boxes, Christmas,
New Baby, Wedding, Child Birthday
 Ginny’s Creations
(401) 944-3077

  Jenifer Chappel

Stained Glass Lamps, Painting, Firing, Jewelry
Stained Glass Creations with Fusion
(401) 295-0417
  Joan Klatil Creamer

Children’s Books
The Magic Sceptre
(401) 556-3053
  Toni D’Agostino

All Natural Cooking Products
(401) 736-8959
  Dorothy Devereaux

Critter Pillows & PolarFeece Blankets
Ya Ya Originals
(401) 539-8330
  Marie Diamonte

Broom Dolls, Fleece Blankets, A-door-Ables, “Throw-in-a-Pillow” (Fleece)
Decorative Creations by Mrs. D
(401) 821-5498

  Vivian Drummond

Simply Daisy Designs

401 949 4725
401 714 1941

  Thomas Engleman

Thomas Engleman Fine Printing


  Mimi Fagnant

Lampwork, Beads, Jewelry,
Home Dec Art Glass
The Lilac Wind
(401) 884-4107
  Penny Faich

Fused Glass Jewelry, Table Ware,
Buttons & Ornaments
The Glass Action & We Got the Buttons
(401) 724-9053
(401) 447-3977
  Debbie Ferrazzoli

Sterling and/or Gold filled with semi-precious beads or crystals


  Dorothy Fobert

Freshlysewn, fabric home accessories


  Christopher Foster

Stained Glass
Christopher Foster Glass Works
(401) 721-0761



  Virginia Gobeli

Paper Bazaar
(401) 461-2810

  Risa Guttman-  Kornwitz

Upcyclyed Beaded Jewelry
Risa’s Pieces R.I.
(401) 465-5632

  Ellen F. Fucile

Personalized Unique Teddy
Bear ornaments for Christmas and Weddings
  Beth Giguere

Stained Glass, Porcelain Angels,Florals, Xmas Ornaments, Twinkle Toes Flip Flops
Ladybug Designs & Studio
(401) 862-6735
  Mickie Harrington-  Rodway

Hand-Drawn, Personalized Ornaments
Christmas Memories
(401) 529-5494
  Rick Harris

Necklaces, Illustrations
Notecards and Books
  Kathleen Havey

Art to wear totebags, handbags,backpacks
401 847 7762



 Susan and Edward   J. Keenan

Edswood Unlimited
Hand turned wood bowls and gifts
  Jennifer Kloc

Elements Candle Co. LLC
Scented Candles, Wax Melts, hand dipped incense

Based in North Providence
  Barbara Kohler/  Dennis Walker

Seaglass and beach stone jewelry.
Sea Breeze Creation
  Mary Larson &   GeriTatangelo

Flannel Baby Blankets
Mimi’s Blankies
(401) 848-5068

  Megan Labrecque

Apiary Designs
Fabric Accessories

  Bill MacGregor

Junkyard Artist
(401) 232-3213
   Bonnie Luther

Bonnie Lee’s Handcrafted Jewelry Semi-precious stone and leather jewelry

Cell 401 580 4531
  Hollis Machala

Machalaarts Watercolor Studio
  Carol Mania

 Handwovens, Artdolls, Felted Goods
Lodestar Wovens
(401) 301-1827
  Jean Mann

Jewelry High End
(401) 231-4443
(401) 578-0770

  Robert Mann Jr.

Abstract Art – Pen and Marker
Artist Spontaneous Expressionism
(401) 231-4883
(401) 578-2883

  Barbara Mays-  Stock

Quilting, Embroidery, Weaving
Angel Pond Cottage
(401) 578-9554
  Norma McEntee

Flowering Pen Arrangements
 Pot O’ Pens
(401) 942-1057
  Linda Mosca

Fabric & Crochet items
Chic N Sassy Creations
401 228-6950

  W. Craig & Karen   Nann

Loose & Set Gemstone Jewelry
Gemstones Unveiled
(401) 847-2909
  Shirley Natale &   Vicky Gray

Stained Glass, Mosaics, Purses
Shard Works
(401) 921-1423
  Catherine Oliver

Felted Wool Items, Bags, Hats, Slippers & Animals
Woodland Woolies
(401) 438-1911

  Sandee Pacheco

Painting Instructor, Pet Portraits & Cake Decorator, face painter
Barn Door Designs
(401) 647-3030
  Rita Palombo

Rita’s Fashions & Accessories
401 942 1001
401 864-1001

  Louise Pankiewicz

(401) 821-7409

  Karen Parker

Metal hair accessories
K & T Jewelry & Accessories
  Nancy Potvin

Handmade baby and children’s’ items
Nans Creations
  Anthony & Lucille   Patriarca

Intarsia Wood Craft
Intarsia by Tony
(401) 738-6645

  Paul Rathbun

  Barry & Judy   Rubenstein

(401) 821-0602
  Marilyn Salvatore

Handrafted Cards, Millinery, Custom Clothing. One -of-a-Kind Jewelry
Marilyn Salvatore Designs
(401) 272-2474
  Thomas Schwab

Wooden Clocks, Crib Boards,
Turned Items, Baskets, Stools, etc.
Tom Schwab Woodworker
(401) 295-0492

  Ron & Cathy   Schmitz

Lighthouse Painting, Magnets, Photos & Yarn Pom Characters
ArtCraft Studio
(401) 785-0543


   Anne Scotti

Jewelry, LampworkGlass, Vintage, Beach Sand
Anne Made Designs
(401) 884-3925


  Marcia Sharkey

Doll Clothes
Marcia’s Doll Clothes
(401) 647-0414
  Mary Ellen Shaw

 Hand Knitted Doll Clothes and Quilts
Dolly’s Favorite One
(401) 397-2273


  Dick Sheridan

Local Honey & Beeswax Candles
Sheridan Apiaries
(401) 450-9201

  Jenn Smilth

Designs By Jas
Beaded Glass, Semi Precious Jewelry

401 391 2930
  Monique Sousa

Sterling Freshwater & Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry
(401) 295-7775
(401) 487-1940

  Patricia Sprague

Creations of Cromomma
Anything Crocheted


  Carol Terranova

(401) 539-3122

  Deb Terilli

Debs Designs


  Laura Thiele

Yarn Designs by LT
Coventry, RI
401 822-3235 cell 401 632-3660


  Eric Sturtevant

Sturtevant Illustrations
Children’s Illustrations
  Mary Beth Turgeon

Seashell Treasures & Surprises
(401) 785-0666

  Robert Turner

Yankee Woods
(401) 743-0735

  Susan Villarreal

Susan V Designs

  Agnes Walters

Children’s Quilts, Dolls, Ink Drawings
Goody Too Shooz
(401) 398-7364
(401) 941-932-2268

  Sharon Wignot

Wiggles Homespun & Whatnots … Primitive Crafts

hm 401 647 7897
cell 401-442-6487

  Laura Winward

Bath, Body and Candles
Honey Hive Handcrafts
(401) 792-3596
  Sharen Wisher

Wood Crafts & Angel Dolls
Sharen’s Gifts

  Trish York &   Michelle Taunton

Stained Glass
Tyork Stained Glass/Glass Monkey Arts
(401) 383-4442