Summer Craft Fair Application

The Ocean State Artisan Summer Craft Fair will be held on Saturday, June 26th at Linden Park in Middletown, RI.

All Ocean State Artisans Members are encouraged to apply.


We are also looking for new artisans to join our group and to participate in the summer show.  If you are someone new and would like to take part in the event, please contact Beth at 401-662-8169, before filling out the application form.


For full details, and the application form, please open the PDF.  Application deadline has been extended to June 9th.

Pay Vendor Fee via PayPal

Outdoor Show Tips & Tricks!

  • All tents used for outdoor shows must have tent weights (40 pounds per leg).  Here are a couple of links with directions for making your own tent weights using PVC pipe and Quickrete cement:


Tent Weights.jpg

The note at the end about adding handles to the pipe sounds like a great idea! Just make sure the handles you use can be screwed into the pipe from the outside. The screws should be long enough to jut into the pipe cavity an inch or two. When the pipes are filled with cement, the screws will be held in place by the cement.


Here's another link. Basically the same directions but this one makes eight shorter weights vs. the usual four. You would use two weights per tent leg:

  • Use pool noodles on rainy days.  The pool noodles prevent water from collecting on your tent canopy and causing leaks.

Pool noodle.jpg